Cognitive Performance Specialist

Essential Duties/Responsibilities: Based on evidence-based peer-reviewed literature train and educate SOF personnel, in individual and group settings, in specific cognitive, mental, behavioral, psychosocial, perceptual, learning, adaptive thinking, human engagements, and emotional control skills, strategies - including understanding, acquisition, and retention - performance improvement and maintenance with documentation of work performed, implemented, and provided to SOF personnel. Assist and advise the HP Program Manager and/or Coordinator in matters relating to mental performance, exercise and sports psychology. Provide information about mental performance, exercise and sports psychology factors in sports, exercise, and physical activity. Train and educate on goal-setting, performance profiling, visualization, performance development, and planning. Participate in periodic meetings to review human performance training provided to patients and identify opportunities for improvement. Attend and participate in meetings with other POTFF staff members and medical personnel as requested and/or required. Collaborate with the HP staff to enhance the quality and effectiveness of mental and human performance development and expertise delivered. Conduct periodic literature reviews to ensure HP stays current with the provision of care. Support research conducted under supervision of the HP program Manager and/or Coordinator. Assist the HP Program Manager and/or Coordinator in developing and maintaining practice guidelines to ensure consistency of service across all Human Performance Training Centers (HPTCs). Literately utilize computers, software, and technologies as required and requested by the HP Program Manager and/or Coordinator and required by USSOCOM HQ and its POTFF staff. Qualifications Required Education/Experience: Master's degree (Doctoral degreepreferred) in Human Performance, Kinesiology, or Exercise Science, and/or Sport Sciences with a specialization in Sport Psychology. Must have a minimum of 5 years or more of demonstrable accumulated experience (continuous and sustained experiencepreferred) as a mental performance coach or Sport Psychologist with individual athletes and groups of athletes at the levels of NCAA Division I, Olympic, professional, and/or SOF Operators in the accompanying, respective settings. Must be capable to properly lift and manipulate loads or weights up to 25 kilograms and capable of meeting physical demands of training with SOF including the ability to hike over rough terrain, function in austere environments and on various fixed or rotary wing aircraft, waterborne craft, or ground transport to observe SOF training evolutions and to conduct training and education. Required Skills/Training: Fluent verbal and written communication skills in the English language. Desired Education, Experience, Skills or Training: Prior military and/or SOF experience is desired. Certification as a Certified Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP) is desired, but not required Standard Company Requirements: Position requires U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status. Must comply with Safety, Health and Environmental plan, policies and procedures. Must comply with the Quality Assurance plan, policies and procedures. Responsible for completing all required training. Perform other assignments and duties, as required. This position does not offer relocation assistance or a referral bonus This position is not eligible for the internal recruiting incentive program Req ID: 1069135
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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